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Can you imagine…

  • Sitting down at your desk each day knowing exactly what actions to focus on

  • Finishing work at the end of the day feeling accomplished and productive

  • Spending weekends doing things other than work (remember what fun means?!)

  • Having a clear game plan to achieve your goals

But in reality you...

But in reality you are scrambling to get everything done each week and you have no idea what a weekend without work looks like. You know you should be getting a lot more done for the number of hours you sit in front of your computer and you are constantly feeling behind no matter how early you get up and work!

I am hearing you, girl! This was exactly what my life looked like until one day I thought there has to be a better way to work. I decided to implement some structure into how I worked, created some routines and habits and learnt some new tools and this all allows me to achieve much more in waaaay less time.

And this is exactly why I have create a 6-week bootcamp style program, to share with you the tools I learnt that helped me ditch the overwhelm, get off the hamster wheel and use that energy to come up with new ideas for my business and enjoy a life outside of work too.

Are you ready to ditch the worker bee mentality and step into the CEO mindset that you are meant for?

In my 6-week coaching program we will work together 1:1 to get clear on what you need to focus on for you to achieve your goals, be smarter in the way that you work and create more time (& energy) to have a life outside of your business.



90 Minute braindump session to dive deep into your current productivity and time management practices and formulate a plan of action to get you out of overwhelm.

5 x 60-minute weekly coaching sessions

Calendar Audit to maximise the time that you are working

Get set up with project management software (& learn how to use it!)

Email and Voxer support in between sessions

Resources and tools to support your productivity




*Payment plan available upon consultation


Book your free 45 minute discovery session to discover if this is the right next step for you.



In my 4 years experience as an online coach, I’ve learned a thing or two! Initially as a Health Coach and more recently as a Clarity Coach for early-stage coaches.

I have been unofficially streamlining and organizing business and lives for (at least!) the last 15 years. I have a natural born talent to see the order through the chaos and I will support you to create an environment that generates a sense of calm and flow -- in both your online business and your home. Using these skills, I will help you to design routines that create more time whilst also learning how to do less better.

I am also heavily invested in your success. My mission is to support more women to step into their purpose. I believe that you have a gift to share with this world and I want to help you get it out there and support the clients you are meant to. I am committed to you being lit up by your work and in alignment with what you do because that is what sets my soul on fire.


I am a typical perfectionist, over achiever, a type personality, and I love the feeling of being productive and ticking items off my to-do list.. but the ‘minor’ detail was that I wasn’t… and the ‘harder’ I continued to work, the more my wheels kept spinning.

Thankfully, I was able to connect with Rachael and she was able to set me straight. Rachael supported to me to cut through the clutter and focus what I REALLY should be focusing on. She provided practical tools together with mindset practices that I could put in place immediately. These supported me to finally launch my blog/website, gain clarity on my vision and create a clearly defined roadmap to follow AND have MORE time for play. I had no idea how much of a game changer having clarity on my vision was…it has made my life and working on my biz so so much easier and more pleasant!

Nancy McMaster, Health Coach at